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Words from the C.E.O ‎

       As a service provider, we realize that our product cannot be seen, touched or even smelled; ‎however, it can be customized, enhanced and optimized to make sure we leave our customer with a ‎positive experience and worthwhile memories to take back home.‎

The spirit to serve, the full understanding of adequate standards of service and the proper ‎communication skills – which are, in a nut shell, conveying honest, accurate and complete ‎information – are, in my modest opinion, the main keys to a successful tourism operation… With this ‎in mind, we built a tour operator honoring this concept.‎

At TEN Travel, we promise you a travel partner you can rely on, an unmatched level of outstanding ‎services where you can feel confident about the final result.‎

Proudly your travel partner,‎ ‎

About Us

T.E.N travel is the new, True to its name, T.E.N is always looking beyond the ‎horizon. T.E.N travel embodies travel, we are travel in all its forms and we make ‎travel easy for our customers.

T.E.N travel is a diverse company with an array of services offered and has a ‎diverse culture. We retain the values of Humanity, Honesty, Substance and ‎Foresight. ‎

T.E.N travel is the most professional and reliable travel service provider in ‎Egypt. We believe in delivering hassle free service and achieving client ‎satisfaction for all eternity. Regardless of the time frame we will meet clients’ ‎travel requirements, provide warm and professional service at all times. ‎Wherever you are in the world, contact Sunny Days Tour and we will help you ‎with any travel services.‎


T.E.N Travel

In an ever changing world, where nothing can remain immobile, we've chosen to move forward. T.E.N Travel is a member of the GMH Group www.gmhsa.com , a prominent multinational global business group with a participation of 650 million dollars in the Egyptian market operating in a wide spectrum of business lines including resorts, hotels, tourism, communication and other industries. We've set our goal to be one of the most leading travel companies and we are committed to build and maintain such a reputation.